"Welcome to our new website, which has been designed to give our existing customer base more flexibility and online access in their trading with us.

We have been supplying wholesale and retail outlets with artificial topiary, artificial christmas trees and flowers for over 55 years, and always at competitive prices. Our own fleet of vehicles will reliably deliver to your door from our well stocked 40,000 sq ft warehouses. The quality of our products and their 'life-like' appearance has to be seen to be appreciated.

This new website like our catalogue will give you an overview of our extensive range of products but we also invite you to come along to our Wickford showrooms and experience 'the real thing'. Here you will be able to view our exciting range of Christmas goods, including quality artificial Christmas trees. For more information on our constantly updated range of Silk Flowers, contact our sales team who will be happy to call on you with the latest samples.

Within the registered members area we hope you will experience a user friendly service, please contact your area rep for further details. We hope too that the website affords potential new customers 'food for thought' and will motivate them to visit the extensive and newly refurbished showrooms in Essex.

You will be well advised to log in regularly to check for updates as we will be promoting various offers and seasonal products throughout the year."

J W Swift - Chairman of the Board